How can I reach you?

You can contact us via this email: Admin[at]NaughtyPorn.net.

We will do as soon as possible to answer.

Is NaughtyPorn legal?

The files are listed on the so-called One-Click-Hosters like:

– Uploaded.net
– Share-Online.biz
– Oboom.com
– Openload.co

There are no time copyrighted files on the NaughtyPorn servers.
Warezlinking is allowed by the rights, thus NaughtyPorn.net is not illegal.

If in this respect there are outstanding and her information about other countries want to have,
so sit down easily with a attorney.

Log NaughtyPorn.net IP addresses?

No, we do not log IP addresses from guests or users.
The Logg files on our servers was for self-protection, and the protection of our users completely disabled.

To what “DDL” is all about?

DDL, the acronym stands for Direct Download Link and describes links that direct to a Download files lead.
In most cases, these are used to warez sites.

The password that was when uploading it does not work.

Make sure you have completely downloaded all parts, whether the size of the parts matches or whether a CRC error appears. Then re-download the corresponding Part.

What is the password to unzip the downloads?

We do not use passwords from our Uploads, as these often cause problems when unpacking.
If it is but once asked for a password, there is always: “naughtyporn.net” (without the “”) or it is in the description.

I can not unpack the download archive anyway, what can I do?

If nevertheless emerge error when extracting, which is about 99% on a CRC error.
When that happens, we recommend downloading the part that appears to be defective again.

Are the Parts of different Hoster compatible with each other?

Yes, that’s always the case. The various parts can be downloaded from different hosters and you can download the archive still unpack quite normal.

It should however be noted that only the archives of the respective uploader are compatible.
Example: All download links of “Magico” (available via the download links) are compatible with each other.

How can I unpack RAR archives?

Use this, please only WinRAR, which can be downloaded here: WinRAR.de